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This page contains useful links to a variety of resources. Enjoy!

Educational Resources for Medical Students
 Radiology images developed by Stanford med student Hersh Sagreiya and Dr. Federle

Residency Application Guides
(1) Residency Application Guide by Matched Stanford Students(v.2012);
(2) AMSER Guide to Applying for Radiology Residency (v.2010);

A highly recommended book, published by one of our own, Dr. Federle: Diagnostic and Surgical Imaging Anatomy: Chest, Abdomen, Pelvis.

Radiology Faculty Research Interests
Radiology Faculty Research Interests

Faculty profiles online
Stanford Medical School Community Academic Profiles (CAP)

Radiology at Stanford
(1) Stanford Radiology Residency
(2) Stanford Graduate Medical Education office information about the match
(3) Stanford Radiology Clerkships

More about Radiology
(1) Stanford Residency Curriculum
(2) Clinical Fellowships - Specialties after Residency
(3) Student Doctor Network Radiology Forum - Browse the forums, or ask your own question.
      e.g. What to look for in a residency program?
(4) More useful links from the APDR
(5) Info on Radiology procedures, written for laypersons:
(6) RSNA resources for medical students

Clinical Skills
(1) Aunt Minnie - A source for everything radiology. Clinical/Business focus. Register to access medical student forums and to receive interesting cases to try to solve.
(2) Medscape Radiology - Another source for everything radiology. Research focus. Register and subscribe to receive radiology updates/news
(3) MyPacs- Teaching focused site with example cases. For example, this is what a hepatocellular carcinoma presents on CT
(4) ctisus - Teaching focused site with example cases, specific to Computed Tomography.
(5) Radiology Education - Link Portal to most sites concerning Radiology:

Courtesy of Dr. James Smirniotopoulos from the USUHS:
(1) CXR Basics
(2) Radiology Glossary
(3) Brain Lesion Locator
(4) Case of the Week
(5) Neuro COW
(6) MR Teaching File

Major Journals (free access to Stanford students)
(1) Radiology
(2) American Journal of Roentgenology
(3) Academic Radiology

Conferences (more to be added)
Radiological Society of North America - One of the biggest medical conferences in the world, with over 60000 attendees each year; Medical Students get free membership and admission to the conference .

General Links
California MD license (Medical Board of California)

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